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Aco Training Centre 001


ANAMMCO recognizes the inadequacies in formal education when measured against the background of diverse needs of industries. We have therefore identified training as a critical success factor.

The Training Centre, which was commissioned in 1982, was set up to produce high quality low- and middle-level technical manpower for the company and the nation in general. It was conceived with the objective of training apprentices, as well as providing on-the-job training for improvement in technical skills, work habits and leadership qualities of factory workers, artisans and first-line Managers.

Certified by the National Board for Technical Education for award of diplomas in various technical fields, our Training Centre collaborates with National Directorate of Employment (NDE), Industrial Training Fund (ITF),
National Automotive Council (NAC), Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), National Amnesty Program, governments at different levels, etc.


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